Awakening-Mind.us is a site devoted to spreading awareness about mental health problems and urging people to get the necessary treatment. Many people do not realize that mental health is vital to both emotional and physical health. Mental health can affect stress levels in the body which can translate to physical disease in the form of cancer, high blood pressure etc. A person may be is feeling overly stressed because of psychiatric problems. This is a non-profit site that is dedicated to helping people.

My site is about educating people about behavior health issues and encouraging the afflicted to seek therapy and other measures to begin living life once again. I am a practicing psychiatrist who resides in the Los Angeles area. I have connections in both Los Angeles and Mumbai, India. The information I give is in both English and Hindi. My goal is to break down social taboos and educate people in multiple formats about the truth behind mental health. I have both videos and information that will help people understand how imperative it is to get help, and for family members and friends to be supportive. Helping people is my life’s passion, and I use this website as a platform to reach more people.

Getting professional help will allow people to express themselves in the right way while letting them know that they are not alone in going through these problems. Mental health problems are not a sign of weakness; it is mostly due to a chemical imbalance with a combination of environmental factors that people have experienced in the past. Patients will learn to deal with their past while being able to get the best medicines that will place them on a path to getting well again.    
There are a wide range of tools and methods available to treat any form of mental health problem. Patients will also get information on everyday things they can do in order to overcome their affliction. Getting help is a process, but it takes stepping out of one’s comfort zone in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Though family and friends may encourage someone to seek help, it is up to the afflicted alone to seek the help they need and deserve. 


Psychiatric illness can be a devastating thing to live with. Because of cultural stigmas, many people have lived with mental diseases for years for fear of being ridiculed or isolated by their local communities. It is something that not many families are willing to talk about, but it is necessary if a person is to live a healthy life. Mental disease is something that should be discussed openly by families and the community.

Many people do not believe in the notion of mental health disease, but it is a very real problem. It can affect the way we think, perceive and judge certain situations. It can hold back careers and hinder personal relationships. If left untreated, mental health problems can lead to many different complications in the future and could possibly cut short a person’s lifespan. 


Dr. Aakash Ahuja, MD

Psychiatrist practicing


Los Angeles, California, USA.

My name is Dr. Aakash Ahuja. I am a psychiatrist practicing in Los Angeles, California in United State of America. I am originally from New Delhi, that's where I did My medical school at Maulana Azad Medical College. After finishing my medical college , I moved to USA and did my M.D. in Psychiatry from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After finishing my residency, I moved to California as I love the ocean and hills (which are a lot in California) and now I am practicing here.